Attending: Sanket Verma (SV), Justus Magin (JM), Ward Fisher (WF), Gābor Kovācs (GB), Alfonso Ladino (AL), Josh Moore (JM), Davis Bennett (DB), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Eric Perlman (EP)


We kicked off the meeting with introductions, even though we didn’t have any new joiners today (as this was the last meeting for this year). DB gave a lightning talk on Pydantic-Zarr, where he showed the usage of the library he created. After this, SV discussed moving to ZulipChat, and that was the end of 2023 for the Zarr Community!


Meeting Minutes:

  • Introductions
    • SV: Community Manager @ Zarr
    • JM: Xarray maintainer
    • AL: PhD. student at University of Illionis
    • WF: NetCDF technical team lead
    • JM: Bio-imaging - sharing images
    • GB: Scientist @ Allen Institute
  • DB: brief on the Zarr-Python sprint
    • DB: Found the existing standard in the spec not useful
    • DB: Understood lot of internals of Zarrita
    • DB: Broke a lot of stuff
  • DB: Lightning talk on Pydantic-Zarr
    • DB: shares screen and starts presenting
    • GB: Looks good! We also use the hierarchial structures - Question: Does it traverse the hierarchies?
    • DB: It doesn’t know if it’s OME or anything else. It’s just traverse the attributes.
    • DB: Traversing the the hierarchies to the bottom. Will be good to put a stop somewhere.
    • DB: Changed the perspective of how to create the hierarchies procedurally.
  • SV: Moving to ZulipChat soon
    • JMS: What’s the problem? Activity or ZulipChat?
    • SV: The chat platform.
    • DB: Having an email reminder will be good
    • DB: Will be beneficial for Zarr users
    • JMS: Looking to connect all my chat platforms via Matrix
    • EP: The world of chat platform has gone crazy!
    • JM: Using discourse for async or public discussions
    • JM: Created discord for private, more synchronous stuff
    • DB: Scientific Python Discord has #Zarr channel
    • JM: Astropy is super active in SP discord
    • EP: Can use ZC for throwing questions at DB