7th October, 2020

Attending: Matthias Bussonnier.

Matthias: host need to start the meeting, I can start one but I might be limited to 40 minutes.

John: Host is Josh. I sent him an email mentioning we are stuck. Maybe we give him a few minutes and if no response open a new call?

Matthias: +1

John: We moved to Matthias’ room (link below)

Matthias Bussonnier is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Matthias Bussonnier’s Personal Meeting Room

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Meeting ID: 686 588 4102

Passcode: xn9iLy

  • Zarr 2.5 release both on PyPI and Conda-forge, last version to be Python 3.5 compatible. I merged the PR removing testing and Python 3.5 conditional branches a few minutes ago, so master is 3.6 only. That should mean CI will be much faster.
  • Python 3.9 has been released this week, so it will be on conda-forge, travis, …etc relatively soon, we’ll need to enable it in CI. (https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-python/issues/629)
  • Added Codecov
  • Cut meeting short since there wasn’t too much to discuss this week