21st October, 2020

Attending: Alistair (having trouble connecting), Josh, Matthias, Ryan Williams

  • Matthias/Grant

    • Ralf: grant ending in December, but should have funds until

      mid-January (at current burn rate). Target date for the RC? For writing a report.

    • Alistair: can we spend after the grant? No cost extension. Ryan:

      assume that we can get one, but time to reach out.

    • Matthias: could show a draft and an implementation

    • Who? Dario perhaps. Ryan will follow up with steering-council


  • Spec/Matthias

    • Need to work through details of whether or not implicit groups

      stay implicit groups. Alistair: would find the right place to put it in terms of implementation details (rather than protocol itself) so that it doesn’t get overwhelming.

    • Matthias: less precise in the spec and then another document?

    • Alistair: section at the end “implementation notes”? Sounds


  • RFC date?

    • Alistair: Ready? Matthias: think it’s fine. Have gotten most of

      the feedback as we’ve been going along.

      • Requesting a quick read through by everyone.
      • Current version as a release candidate
      • Alistair to open an issue, tagging people, declaring RFC plan.
    • Where to announce? GitHub, Twitter, CZI slack, Josh: image.sc

      (for N5 community), …

    • When: Alistair on leave next week. So target 2 weeks?
  • Josh: n5+s3+zarr

    • Typing since voice seems to be rubbish this evening: [*n5-zarr

      PR*](https://github.com/saalfeldlab/n5-zarr/pull/5/files) opened to deal with the same issue we had on the Zarr side of combining nested storage & S3.

  • Josh: leads to a question of whether we want people investing in v2 or v3

    • Matthias: still struggling to keep v2 & v3 alive together (and

      not a mess)

    • More abstractions would be helpful. Then it would be easier for

      people to move to V3.

    • Alistair: agreed; and some refactoring is going to need to take

      place. If people are willing, would be great to have a few people contributing. Shouldn’t put people off more than we must. But people need features in a production system.

    • Matthias: have tried to activate codecov on the org.

    • Josh: dealing with developer expectation and making use of


    • Alistair: focus on implementation work in Nov & Dec with goal by

      EOY to have complete implementations (incl. C++) then by January decide if we need another round of feedback.

    • Josh: great to have that messaging. Will pass that along to the

      Java community so that we can try to target roughly the same timeline.

  • v3 dev call