18th May, 2022

Attending: Josh Moore (JM), Sanket Verma (SV), Dennis Heimbigner (DH), Eric Perlman (EP), Ward Fisher (WF), Martin Durant (MD), Vinasco Juan (VJ), John Kirkham (JK), Isaac Virshup (IV),

Updates (SV)

  • New repo: https://github.com/zarr-developers/zeps (available from https://zarr.dev/zeps later this week)
  • Work on ZEP1 started!
    • Lays the ground work for V3
    • More updates coming from Alistair in the next week.
    • ZEPs have a lead author but multiple co-authors
    • So feel free to add to the ZEP PR that will be opened soon!
  • GSoC contributors coming on 20th May
  • Recently merged PRs (Thanks! 💐)
  • NumPy twitter poll: 1.20 or newer used by 60%+
    • JK: looking to drop some versions (currently 1.17+)
    • xarray and dask or on 1.18 or even later
    • conda-forge is at 1.19
      • https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge-pinning-feedstock/blob/bf5fd6f54ef8d372f571caf2b73e8ddef10c27e0/recipe/conda_build_config.yaml#L649-L653
    • hard to get older versions
    • NEP provides a schedule for deprecating. In June 1.20 becomes the minimum
      • https://numpy.org/neps/nep-0029-deprecation_policy.html
    • also: want to use newer features to support more array types (numpy + dask + …)
    • MD: it’s been stable for so long, so someone can use an older version.
      • https://github.com/numpy/numpy/releases/tag/v1.20.0
    • Also: Python 3.6 dropped
      • https://github.com/zarr-developers/numcodecs/pull/318
      • https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-python/pull/774
  • v3
    • https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-specs/pull/16 (only open PR)
    • updated by Jonathan in https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-specs/pull/142
    • good for everyone to take a look at that.
    • JM: https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-python/pull/1020 and how conservative to be