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10th March, 2021

Attendees: Josh Moore, Norman Fomferra, Matthias Bussonnier, Matt McCormick, Sabine Embacher, Haily Johnson, Ward Fisher, John Kirkham, Ryan Williams

  • Misc

    • How many people on Python 3.9? Josh … Matthias: 3.10 is coming.
  • Introductions (noting new folks only)

    • Hailey (Unidata). Zarr for netcdf

    • Norman (tech lead, bcdev): working with pydata tech. stack,

      incl. xarray. Using zarr all day.

  • Community

    • Unidata java branch: didn’t have distributed file reading. Just

      now working (Don’t follow Hailey’s branch). AWS S3, … and zip files.

      • jzarr supports: blosc (native) and zlib (in java)
    • Javascript-land: experiments towards NGFF (Matt)

      • working on supporting other dimension order
      • supporting also ML libraries, …
      • Found that it was also needed to pre-compute the range of values
      • Matt to create an ngff issue.
    • nczarr release (Ward) i.e. C-land

    • Norman: zarr-specs / multiscales use-case

  • Core concerns

    • v3 spec status

      • Matthias’ branches
      • Alistair & editor’s draft
    • Funding (EOSS 4)

      • Note that EOSS4 is now in 2 steps process with first a Letter of intent 1000 words. (deadline March 30)
  • European Meeting

    • Java: report on Java & zarr_implementations

    • Saalfeld: Composite Types

      • Talked to Sabine. and someone else.
      • All over the place. Completely broken.
      • How to deal with variable length things.
      • Josh: haven’t tested variable length
    • Hierarchy of specs

      • Zarr
      • (Extensions)
      • Xarray
      • (something else? like
      • OME-NGFF