23rd September, 2020

Attending: Josh Moore, Matthias Bussonnier, Dennis Heimbigner, Martin Durant, John Kirkham, Alistair Miles

Matthias Question: Base store for all the stores:

  • Many tests rely on behavior of “dict()”, where “MemoryStore” fails

    (for example “Requires Parents”, … etc, which one is the “correct” behavior ? is anyone using `dict()`, outside of the tests ?

  • Some other weird things with the consolidated metadata store that I

    have to understand better.

  • Josh: some concern about userspace breakage if expecting the base

    class internally.

  • John: originally used dict() since it’s the easiest thing that

    should work.

  • Martin: different code paths based on fallbacks where methods don’t

    exist. But tests should work even with MemoryStore

  • Matthias: detecting listable based on existing methods. Perhaps we

    could make that an explicit attribute rather than checking for the existence of methods.

  • Can someone post a url for the MemoryStore API? [dmh]

  • Alistair: people should be able to use a dict if they want to (a

    superset of what a store must report). Matthias: except for listdir(). Martin: there are other MutableMappings that someone may want to use with zarr.

  • John: useful to support MutableMapping. Azure for example can just

    implement a standard Python thing.

  • Alistair: open immediately.

  • Matthias will implement a Store Wrapper that takes mutable mapping

    and exposes a Store will more methods.

Moving forward with a 2.5 release that is Python 3.5 compatible ?

https://zarr.readthedocs.io/en/stable/contributing.html#release-procedure also look at pushing to GitHub releases.

  • Matthias: use gpg keys locally? Not necessary. Alistair: tend to use

    the “create tag” UI functionality.

Matthias: Reschedule Friday meetings?

  • John to send out a doodle.