27th January, 2021

Attendees: Josh Moore, Matthias Bussonnier, Ryan Williams, Martin Duran, Jackson Brown, Jon Kirkham. Martin Durant

  • Ryan: Interim report due Sunday or Monday.

    • 2 month extension from CZI.
  • Having Josh or Jon have their subcontractor hat.

    • Do that via Glencoe

      (Commercial arm of OME) if for a Java implementation of Zarr V3?

  • Jackson: spec/impl discussion (Tiffs as Zarr)

  • Martin:

    • NB: Jackson: thanks for fsspec

    • Maybe interest in

      intake_informaticslab (some logic for parsing paths)

      • Zarr for accessing chunks that are each HDF5.
      • Can additionally save zarr locally as cache
      • Something to backport? Cache as a wrapper
    • For fsspec-reference-maker, need various new codecs: szip, jpeg…

      • needed in numcodecs
      • Josh: https://git.embl.de/balazs/B3D
      • Martin: also true for GRIB files. DICOM.
      • Josh: need for “functions”. Martin: see templating method.
      • Also JSON isn’t overly efficient. Zarr itself. Even if tuple-like….
  • Matthias:

    • Ramping up on napari

    • Partial read from andrew has been merged

    • I’m working on reenabling flake /mypy in CI (Josh: merged)

      • May need to go back to 120 line length
    • Rebasing my basestore PR.

    • Also looking at numcodecs, release, and then migrate to blosc


      • Jackson: can look. Dropping overhead. (Czaki)
      • Wheels are the future? so ok. ci-buildwheel marks per platform. (Sub-optimal)
  • Misc