Attending: Sanket Verma (SV), Josh Moore (JM), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Alex Merose (AM), Brianna Pagán (BP), Hailey Johnson (HJ), Hailiang Zhang (HZ), Jonathan Striebel (JS), Martin Durant (MD), Norman Rzepka (NR), Shivank Chaudhary (SC), Ward Fisher (WF), Mahabal Hegde (MH), John Kirkham (JK), Isaac Virshup (IV)


Meeting Notes


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Open agenda:

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  • AM: Question about the Zarr Spec v3 (ZEP1)
    • Like that it’s very bare bones
    • Though experiment: Could a video codec be implemented?
      • Compress across time; key frames
      • JMS: 3d xyt chunks would work (individually)
      • MD: variable length chunks. Critical to video compression (per key frame)
      • MD: if each chunk has all the time points
      • MD: but also in favor of variable length chunks
      • JMS: what’s the connection?
      • MD: video compressions support large range of chunk size based on how quickly the video is changing
      • JMS: just make time chunking big enough and internal is a detail
      • JS: remove chunking across the time dimension
        • currently inefficient, but with partial reads it could work
        • let video codec request chunks of data from the store
      • MD: internal to codec or explicit at the zarr level
      • JM: difference in the fundamental model? (atomicity)
      • MD: 1-dimensional delta codec, make it across an arbitrary dimension?
      • AM: if Zarr intends to be the metadata format, this is a stress test.
      • JMS: with fixed key rate,
      • JM: see also https://mpeg-g.org/
  • HZ: extension proposal
  • IV: Non-uniform chunks – timing?
    • conversation with JK at SciPy
    • broad desire to have them exist. any objections?
    • have several masters students to put on this
    • JM: ZIC?
    • IV: can discuss if in spec or as an extension
    • JS: would still have a formal spec even if an extension (eases adoptions, clear interface)
    • IV: ZEP0001 timeline?
    • SV: on me. working with Alistair to apply the modifications. ASAP.
  • JMS: meta-issue for scheduling time to work on the V3 spec
    • way to speed up progress? additional meetings?
    • SV: ZIC meeting?
    • JM: editorial meeting? Add JMS?
    • JS: happy to be in discussions with AM but also open issues that need discussion