1st December, 2021

Attending: Josh M., Gregg L, Davis B., Hailey J., John K., Ward F., Ryan W.

  • Sharding

    • Davis: excited about the implementation

    • Josh: anything you would change?

      • Davis: listen to what Jeremy is saying (pretty authoritative)
      • No group metadata in neuroglancer pre-computed
      • see his tensorstore implementation
    • JM: Worth chatting with Jeremy? DB: dialog with scalableminds,

      looks like it’s wondering

    • JM: also thinking about investigating sharding in V3 (as an


      • GL: would need to look at whether or not it’s in place. have implemented the necessary methods, but that’s not a guarantee.
  • Logo: pink!

    • Should be finalized soon.
  • HJ: poster coming

    • add to https://zarr-developers.github.io/? Sure.
  • WF: handing proposal draft in the next few hours!!

  • for GL: when to do 2.11?

    • PRs opened is everything for V3 (part 6 has all of it)

    • Store V3, then attributes, then array, then group, convenience

    • [*Store

      V3*](https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-python/pull/874) should be safe. Follow ups add key word.

    • Issue is test coverage (80%)

      • rmdir() outside of the class aren’t tested yet.
    • Tests needed a bit of updating to override create_store

      • (to set a path or check for “metadata/$path”)
    • alpha testers maybe…

    • to see what’s currently in 2.11:


  • JK: default of write_empty?

  • also re: 2.11

    • Dimitri?

      • Nice cleanups. Maybe bundle PRs? (largely due to notifications)
    • GL: can test the alpha (also to check the napari repo)

    • see


    • https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr_implementations/actions/workflows/zarr-dev.yml

    • https://pepy.tech/project/zarr
  • JM: few applications for community manager

  • NB: assuming we meet for the 15th, skip the 29th, and come back on the 12th of January!