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4th November, 2020

Notes, with Daylight saving time ending it might be unclear at what time this meeting is.

Attending: Ryan Williams, Mathias Bussonnier, Eric Perlman, Martin Durant, Josh Moore, John Kirkham

“Waiting for the host to start this meeting”… I think it’s Josh’s zoom right?

I’ll make a Zoom in the meantime:

It requests a password:

Josh: Sorry, I thought we had another 45 minutes. Am currently “at” #biodata20

Discussing #645; Martin to have a look.

TravisCI changing terms

FAQ; TravisCI to give one-off 1000mins to OSS on 1/1/21? won’t last long

  • GH actions has macOS; unsure how to spin up Docker multiple docker services (e.g. redis) in GH actions?

    • in travis we use `sudo: true` and run services outside docker
  • unsure where else we can test on macOS; CircleCI seems to support it (for $$).

  • thinking we can negotiate something w/ TravisCI

  • Azure has {macOS,Linux/Windows}.

  • Could put some things on GHA, leave some on Travis

  • Github Action Vuln: ;

new fsspec feature (unreleased): map specific remote byte ranges to local path? cf. zarr-python#556, intake/filesystem_spec#464, HDF5-walking gist

  • in principle, could also use this to virtually concatenate byte-ranges from multiple remote files into one “local” file
  • Eric Perlman: scale to millions or billions? Probably not, but could use a generator approach.
  • Neuroglancer:
  • Also sped up by the new async work.
  • Trevero Manz (or colleague)’s tiff-tiler (offsets from OME-TIFF):

Lots of open PRs need review on zarr-{python,specs}.


  • (after everything else) Josh: Zoom link & calendar entry