24th March, 2021

Attendees: Josh Moore, Matthias Bussonnier, Ryan Williams, Hailey Johnson, Jackson Brown, John Kirkham, Martin Durant, Gregory Lee, Ryan Abernathey

  • Martin / dask summit (May). Leading dask io focused workshop. Good to have Zarr use cases. Why is dask & zarr a good thing. Good to present V3 progress.

  • Greg / zarr_implementations

    • V3 spec in progress, waiting for update from Alistar

    • Maybe (extremely rough) timeline ~3 months?

    • Imaging: Josh + Jackson + OME Community large testing after v3


    • Big view: for implementations? No, just testing
  • Martin / Codecs

    • New one for shuffle. Doesn’t get a ton of love.

    • Windows tests were turned on!

    • John: zfpy support. (Lossy - possibly

    • Martin: imagecodecs does some of this.

    • Josh: invite Gohlke for imaging specific?

    • Martin: interested due to the reference offsets

    • Josh: had started trying to make numcodecs Pure Python


      • John: shuffle work makes that harder
      • Martin: not exposed in the Python wrapper
      • John: still makes sense to try to.
    • Ryan: but others won’t be able to open the data.

    • Josh: dangerous for other languages (see zarr_implementions)

    • Martin: write in rust.

    • Jackson:


    • Ryan: tileDB codecs? Martin: can we just call those?

    • https://github.com/TileDB-Inc/TileDB/tree/dev/cmake/Modules
  • Ryan / xarray multiscale

  • Matthias / v3 spec

    • Just a matter of time to rebase.

    • will synchronize with Gregory. (GL: good to meet, one on one)

    • MB: main difficulty was getting support for v2 and v3 at the

      same time.

  • Hailey / zarr-java

    • Will support v2 & v3

    • working on v3 now.

    • Plan is to have something in 4 weeks.

  • EOSS 4

    • John: keeping other projects funded

    • Matthias: who has access to numfocus slack?

    • Sparse/Awkward arrays?

  • EOSS 1

    • Ryan: getting contract set up correctly. (issue of name)