17th November, 2021

Attending: Greg, Josh, Hailey, Ryan, Davis

  • Josh: brain, logo, sharding, cog/tiledb

    • logo: RW pink gradient in full screen. WF: all nice

    • brain: nibabel community will have a call

    • sharding: work starting

    • tiledb: group metadata & hierarchy traversal

  • WF: proposal writing process (group effort)

    • deadline in a couple of weeks.
  • DB: something for the docs

    • wanted to test python 3.9 - no idea

    • tox was breaking

    • JM: tox-conda? Maybe.

    • WF: little cheatsheets / pamphlet size per project. Could use

      something like that for AGU (presenting nczarr)

      • one-pager? qrcode / gitter
    • WF: DOI? No. Only zenodo:


  • JM: oh yeah, big endian crap

  • GL: opened PR for V3 classes

  • GL: for John K.

    • question from the RAPIDS team.

    • they have C++ code to read SVS for a client

    • questions about in general

    • reading on the CPU (similar to openslide; multithreaded)

      • can read patches e.g. to train DL
    • there is a cuTIFF package internally (working towards it)

    • cf. John Lefman

    • DB: at Janelia IO is an issue. direct GPU access would be great.

      GL not yet. (That’s all TIFF based)

    • Maybe a future GPU/image meeting, or just general chat.
  • JM: benchmarking

    • DB: will be nice to see converted datasets in shards..

    • JM: ASV or similar running on netcdf? WF: Not regularly. Can be

      turned on. mostly want to see downward slope of

      • will generate more benchmarks between HDF5 and NCZarr
  • JK: post-call (due to DST; 20:11 UK)