4th December, 2019

Plan to attend: Josh

Attending: Josh (Germany.. 0c), John (Mexico 20s c), Matt McCormick (North Carolina 20s c), Tony (20:20)

  • Standing items

    • Introductions: new joinees should feel welcome to introduce

      themselves and their interest in zarr/n5.

    • Record meeting?
  • Josh: Python 3 woes

  • Matt: Bring Zarr to ITK (Python, WebAssembly, …)

    • [*Very WIP


    • John: z5 (C++) as a good place to start

    • Josh: eventually C common layer

    • Pyramids

      • Extension mechanism / spec
      • Investigating, looking at implementations (not at the doing work level)
      • Iterating on an extension spec (dev version)
      • Complex/Vectors/tensors … just adding more dimensions
      • (Tony joins)
      • Timestamps, strings? (Time in the metadata)
    • Rust to WebAssembly …

      • Rust motivation? Started as n5. Wanted something C-like.
    • WebAssembly:


  • Next meeting?

    • Shooting for the 18th (tentatively) but may be


    • If so, emails/issues/gitter/etc will be used to find the first

      date in the new year.