9th March, 2022

Attending: Jeremy Matiin-Shepard, Josh Moore, Isaac Virshup, Ward Fisher, Gregory Lee, Sanket Verma, Dennis Heimbigner

  • Xarray/NetCDF (Josh)

    • Trying to get everyone at a (virtual) table

    • Ward happy to be involved

    • Dennis nczarr already supports xarray-convention

    • Josh: development of https://github.com/xarray-contrib/datatree

      may suggest more conversations around this

  • Multiscale representation? (Jeremy)

    • any relationship between the dimensions? No. Not yet.

    • Typically done at a higher level (like cfconventions)

  • Updates from Sanket

    • Release 2.11.1


      • outstanding 2.11 issue: 965
    • Thoughts on changing the default branch?


      • Jeremy: code doesn’t look dangerous. Josh: agreed, more a question

      • Jeremy: another option would be branching by configuration.

      • Isaac: status page for v3 on what’s being developed would be useful

      • Greg: consensus on file-ending? .zr3?

        • Jeremy: could see some benefit for inspecting paths


    • GSoC 2022


    • Cloud Native Outreach Day: CFP Deadline 15th March


    • CZI EOSS Cycle 5