Attending: Davis Bennett (DB), Sanket Verma (SV), Ward Fisher (WF), Norman Rzepka (NR)


Today, we touched on how to leverage Zarrita for Zarr-Python refactoring work. DB discussed how we can use Zip to store multiple Zarr files as a single .zip file. NR wondered if there’s any interest in applying for CZI EOSS6.


Meeting notes:

  • DB: Discussion on leveraging Zarrita for the refactoring work
    • NR: Feel free to copy anything you’d like
  • DB: Discussion at ImageSC: https://forum.image.sc/t/saving-volumetric-data-with-voxel-size-colormap-annotations/85537/28
    • DB: Multiple languagues standardizing Zarr in a ZipStore/some kind of archive
    • NR: Not super complicated - just have to put a Zarr archive in a Zipfile - but there should be a clear distinction between sharding and ZipStore
    • NR: Having a ZEP for this would be great - but don’t know who’s going to write it - up for participating in the ZEP writing process but don’t want to drive it
    • WF: No red flags when looking at Zip from a legal point view - need to figure out the implementation - whether it’s implemented natively or if there’s a dependency
  • NR: Discussion on CZI EOSS6