28th July, 2021

Attendees: Ward, Gregory, John, Ryan W.

  • Ward: AGU coming up.

    • Planning to present NCZarr.

    • Dennis making a poster.

    • Hailey presenting on Java support for Zarr.

    • Other non-Zarr work (machine learning, MPI, etc.).

    • Conference will be hybrid (remote/in-person).

    • Will be in mid-Dec in New Orleans.

    • Deadline for submission in August.

  • John:

    • Was at SciPy recently.

    • Running Image processing track.

    • Lots of use of Dask + Zarr

  • Greg:

    • Was at SciPy last week

    • Trying to get v3 implementation up and running

    • Starting w/FSStore + MemoryStore

      • Will reuse zarr_implementations data for testing
      • Make sure those work with v2 & v3
      • Groups might be a tricky point for v2/v3 compatibility
    • Zarr was in one of the examples at SciPy w/interactive Napari


    • Presenting on cuCIM library
  • Ryan W.: