19th June, 2019

Time: 20:00 BST (15:00 EDT).

Joining instructions see above.

Intend to attend: Josh, RyanW, …

Attending: Josh, Martin, Ward, John, Ryan, Tony

Standing items

Introductions: new joinees should feel welcome to introduce themselves and their interest in zarr/n5.


  • Ward: Unidata blog post.

  • Josh: upcoming bioimaging blog post as well

    • “No new formats”

    • With technical follow up as well.

  • Ward: question

    • Meeting with various groups (incl. hdfgroup)

    • Re: HPC data storage

    • “How well does zarr perform in a super computer environment?”

    • Josh: Saalfeld’s spark usage at Janelia

    • Martin: may not be that much benefit on the reading side

    • Ryan: the question is do you have multiple write heads

  • Benchmarks in general

    • Ward: generalizable dataset of benchmarks (existing or created)

      would be good

    • Dimensions: Chunk size, different filesystems (cloud, parallel,

      hadoop, local)

  • Ryan: peripheral feature - sparse arrays

  • NetZDF anything to test yet?

    • Ward: not yet. Will publicize that widely.

    • May be made such that it can be extracted.

    • Asked by community and leadership to be more vocal

      • Heard from Director. “Please put up a blog post”
    • Lots of interest

    • Contact? See generic link in blog post. (netcdf-support or ward

      directly. Or GH page. Upcoming zarr support issue from Ward.)

  • SciPy (John)