30th June, 2021

Attendees: Ward, Josh, Hailey, Greggory, John, Ryan W., Dennis

  • Bug war stories…

  • Hailey: Need to have ‘/’ (ran into the same issue)

  • Greg: BaseStore & need some consistency (sync.ing between v2 and v3)

  • Dennis: working on netcdf filter side.

  • Ward: will bring up AGU deadlines when they arise

    • https://www.agu.org/Fall-Meeting/Pages/Present/Abstracts

    • working on zlib replacement

    • Hailey: abstracts due Aug. 4th (300 word)

    • Josh: 2-week holidays starting 19th of July so not chance, to

      help on abstract, but happy to participate in content creation

    • Ward: can get abstract together
  • John: next meeting is in the middle of SciPy. Cancel?

  • Josh: European HDF Users Group meeting

    • high-level

    • No expertise in house

    • netcdf cordially

    • nczarr?

    • CEO

    • ros3? Pretty much just works.

      • Dependent on Virtual file layer. Any byte range reading.
      • John: know someone from QuantStack