11th March, 2020

Attending: Josh, John, Ralf, Martin, James, Joe in Seattle! (20:33)

  • Cancellations

    • PyCon? Not yet.
  • Quansight SoW

    • Josh: anything needed? Clarifications?

      • Ralf: looks ok. As well from Travis.

      • @Josh to send gdoc to Quansight & NumFOCUS and publish to github after ok via email

        • Cc Leah & ping on slack
    • James: starting points

  • Martin: Xpublish: https://medium.com/pangeo/xpublish-ff788f900bbf

    • Possible to do pre-processing to generate chunks on the fly

    • Discussion versus Intake server happened in pangeo meeting

      • Overlap. Potentially making them more similar to one another.
      • Similarly similar but more generic. Includes catalogs.
    • Joe: Fastapi has its own event loop. James added a workaround

      for jupyter.

  • Martin will work on generic fsspec backend: github comment

    • Working on zarr open with fsspec. Few additional methods that

      could be useful.

    • Downsides of get_mapper: need to import fsspec, only get raw

      dictionary i/f (no files backend)

    • Josh: similar to

      https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-specs/issues/49 ?

      • E.g. detecting NestedDirectoryStorage
  • NumPy docs (Josh) → ISSUE

  • EOSS Report: Governance, etc. → ISSUE

    • Ralf: need something more than consensus model of numpy

    • Josh: Napari example 2 of 3 tie breaker.

      • Propose 3 of 5 with non-permanent membership
      • Especially review after the first year.
    • John: good to discuss. Happy without BDFL.

    • Committee based: John- conda-forge,

      • Ralf: steering council alone isn’t enough. Naming of core team isn’t great.
      • Suggestion: Steering council (shouldn’t do much), teams as they make sense (cf. matplotlib). Code team → Core team. Perhaps also API team separate since that pulls in other projects like from dask, etc. Smaller concentrated teams seem to attract more people.
      • John: conda-forge has separate for subprojects that they are trusted to just solve.
  • Calendar / Subsequent meeting

    • Josh sent James & Ralf to RyanW. for adding to event
  • AOB (from xpublish)

  • Done: 20:41 UK