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27th May, 2020

Dennis, Matthias, Ryan W, John K, Josh (very late)

Non standard community call, high bandwidth discussion about spec v3.

    • Base raw types

      • r+ number of bits/bytes.
      • Non multiple of 8 ?
      • There might be interest in allowing fewer than 8 bits for categorical.
      • Non multiple of 2 ?
      • Dennis: Type def like style ?
      • Dennis core: variable length type.
    • Extensions:

      • How to declare dependencies

      • Should all extensions be listed in the top metadata document and referred to in .group .array with only their URL

        • Pros: avoid to check all intermediate path for a

          .group/.array and read it to see if it can be understood.

        • Cons: complicated on deletion, disallow different

          extensions in same hierarchy.

      • Is must_understand too restrictive for extensions that only apply to a group .subgroup ?

      • Fill_values for extension fallback 0b -0x ?

      • List of some possible extension examples (in the context of a proposal around a specific extension-framework implementation, from discussions w Josh+John at CZI summit in February)

Seem to be fine, but josh ask about link to remote linked datasets ?

It might be fine to assume that remote is it’s own dataset.

    • Stores: Strictness of API.

      • Can store assume queries are valid ?
      • Group keys always ending in / ?
      • Suggestion of `delete_prefix`
      • Strictness of what is accepted by stores (bytes, bytesarray, numpy arrays…) and returned.

Extensions :

  • Types,

  • Attributes.

  • Extra objects.

  • Checksum example. Checksum are kind of a filter.