Attending: Josh Moore (JM), Sanket Verma (SV), Davis Bennett (DB), John Kirkham (JK), Norman Rzepka (NR)


We started the meeting by discussing the steps required for a new numcodecs release. NR is thinking of writing a new blog post which involves Zarrita and Webknossos. SV shared an announcement involving Zarr, and DB wondered if Webknossos supports the Jupyter widget


Meeting Minutes:

  • Numcodecs release
    • Needs to fix the NumPy issue before releasing
    • DB: https://github.com/zarr-developers/numcodecs/pull/335 - thoughts?
    • JM: Other option to put this into Zarr-Python itself
    • DB: Will close the PR and move it over to Zarr-Python
    • DB: Not proposing a change to the specification - Minor change to check if codec is None
  • NR: Thinking of writing a blog post on for https://zarr.dev/blog/
    • Used Zarrita for Webknossos with blosc and C standard codec and there was 30% reduction in the storage space in servers
    • Before this we were using LZ4 compression
    • DB: The backend is in Scala? NR: Yes!
    • NR: Will share a HackMD/similar document for everyone to review
  • JM: Summary of the latest Zarr-Python benchmark and performance meeting
  • SV: Earthmover announcement - Arraylake: https://twitter.com/EarthmoverHQ/status/1709620436235948243
    • DB: Like the idea of Jupyter integration - the group I work for would be a traget market for Arraylake
    • DB: Will look into the webinar
    • DB: Better than our existing infrastructure, i.e. on S3 - good for scalability but seems feature barren
  • DB: Does Webknossos have Jupyter widget?
    • NR: Doesn’t currently have it - adding something like that would be challenging as WK is not built in a way to integrate parts of it somewhere else
    • DB: Having something like that would be cool and let everyone understand the cloud importance