11th September, 2019

At the water cooler: Josh, Ward, Martin

  • Ward: meeting on Thurs. where Dennis will brief UniData folk. Will have technical details for next time. Have some functionality, going over roadmap. Josh: good choice for focus of next time? Dennis likely to join. Program manager was asked to brief ESIP (federation of earth science information partners) on status of zarr.

  • Martin:

    • Local caching of remote resources: filesystem spec should be

      able to do by itself (one implementation exists). Ability to have global, semi-atomic write ability. E.g. distributed dask cluster. There should be some global context managed by the scheduler that can manage the whole thing. Roll back transactions. For zarr it should be fine, but might be nice to have an all-or-nothing capability. https://github.com/dask/dask/issues/5361

  • Done: 20:14