Attending: Davis Bennett (DB), Florian Ziemen (FZ), Sanket Verma (SV), Eric Perlman (EP), Ward Fisher (WF), John Kirkham (JK), Janos Zimmermann (JZ), Norman Rzepka (NR), Dennis Heimbigner (DH)


Today, everyone shared their favourite books during the introduction round. FZ asked if NetCDF has HTTP support. WF will be submitting a pre-recorded talk to AGU and wondered if he could include anything graphical for Zarr.

SV asked for general feedback from the community and was happy to receive a positive response! 🎉

We concluded the meeting after having discussions on ZarrCon.


Meeting Minutes:

  • Introductions w/ favourite books
  • Question for Ward/Dennis (Unidata) - Do you plan to have support for HTTP in NetCDF-C? Open for collaborations?
    • FZ: Idea is to use NetCDF to access Zarr Store via HTTPS
    • WF: Happy to expand on this in the meeting, but we support http/https through the DAP2/DAP4 protocols (https://www.opendap.org/). We also have S3 support that we are planning how to better publicize.
    • WF: We are also always open for collaborations!
    • DH: If data storage server can read Zarr and can handle the translations DAP3/4; it could work
    • DH: Byte range access for contiguous data
    • DH: Need to add support for Zarr directory subtree format as a driver to accomplish - good idea!
  • WF: I’ll be submitting a pre-recorded talk to AGU re: the current state of NetCDF integration w/ Zarr. I’d be interested in including any general Zarr info into the talk.
  • Feedback from the community
    • DH: Excellent Job by Sanket! 👏🏻
    • FZ: Feels welcomed as I’ve joined the community recently!
    • DB: Think about Gitter!
      • SV: Summary of other platforms - Discord, Discourse, Zulip, Slack etc.
      • EP: Zarr is not big enough for a Slack
      • FZ: Mattermost similar to Slack
    • NR: Very grateful for the meeting notes!
  • SV: ZarrCon
    • NR: Janelia might be interested - Having 2 conferences not makes sense - bring people from various domains together will foster collaboration
    • DB: +1 to the idea
    • EP and FZ: Align the ZarrCon with other big conferences, e.g. Supercomputing conference
    • EP: Send out a poll to see which conferences are people going to attend