Attending: Davis Bennett (DB), Sanket Verma (SV), Josh Moore (JM), Ethan Davis (ED) - Unidata, Ward Fisher (WF), Alan Liddell (AL), Brianna Pagán (BP), Erik Welch (EW), Hailey Johnson (HJ), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Isaac Virshup (IV)


Release update: Zarr Python 2.13.6 along with 2.13.4 and 2.13.5 is out! Check the release notes here. SciPy 2023 CFP is open until 22nd February. If you’re planning to submit a proposal involving Zarr, feel free to reach out to our community manager, and he’ll help you out. The meeting started with DB discussing his recently opened PR #1323. Next, JM gave us updates on AI4Life and initiated a discussion on GeoJSON. After this, we discussed ZEP0004 and Unicode names. Next, BP gave an update on GeoZarr bi-weekly meetings, and lastly, SV asked a general question on visualising N-dimensional arrays.


Open Agenda(add here 👇🏻):