2nd December, 2020

Attending: Jamie Sherman, Ryan Abernathy, Josh Moore, Matthias Bussonnier, Ryan Williams, Jim Pivarski, John Kirkham

  • Josh workshop:

    • API maybe the partial read; instead of having multipld copies;

      can each chunk be compressed in a better way (progressive JPEG) how would that look like to a user.

    • Could be implemented as a codec

    • Ryan: premature optimization. Zarr is focused on scale out; this

      seems low-level optimization.

    • Josh did selling of rechunk, peoples are quite happy.
  • Zarr 2.6.1 released; first version to be 3.6+ only. Screwup with 2.6.0 which was actually published as 0.0.0 due to build isolation and setuptools_scm, waiting for the conda-forge bots.

  • CZI EOSS next wednesday (1900 UTC next Wednesday)

  • Changing fill value (Matthias for Ryan)

    • easier way to do it.

    • expose as property on the array, print warning on setting

    • John: expose is good. warning should include previous.

    • Josh: will it change which chunks will be written to disk? No.

    • Matthias: assume the use case is changing after creation before


    • https://github.com/constantinpape/zarr_implementations

    • https://github.com/ome/ome-zarr-py

    • https://github.com/ome/omero-cli-zarr