Attending: Eric Perlman (EP), Sanket Verma (SV), Norman Rzepka (NR), Nathan Zimmerberg (NZ), Gabor Kovacs (GB), Dennis Heimbigner (DH), Ward Fisher (WF), Martin Durrant (MD), Davis Bennett (DB)


SV kicked off the meeting with intros. NZ had some questions about the current state of V3 implementation. MD wants to push ZEP0003 for technical review and voting. DB has submitted a new ZEP, i.e. ZOM (Zarr Object Model). SV gave important updates from NumFOCUS Summit 2023.


Meeting Minutes:

  • Intros (favourite tourist place)
    • SV: Himalayas
    • NR: Highway One
    • EP: New Zealand (South Island)
    • GK: Allen Institute works in Light sheet microscopy - favourite tourist place: Pacific North West
    • NZ: University of Maryland, PhD in bioinformatics - Shenandoah Park
    • WF: Pacific North West and Astoria, Oregon
    • DH: Highway One - took a 1.5 days to complete it - but also took many stops
    • MD: Canary Islands in the Atlantic
  • NZ: Current state of the V3 implementation
    • SV: Currently WIP
    • Use Zarrita to convert V2 to V3?
    • NR: Yes!
    • NZ: Codec name change for byte to endian - is it going in?
    • NR: Can take place along with a voting
      • It simply takes an array and spits out bytes - V3 requires you to have a codec
    • NZ: Has written Julia implementation apart Zarr.jl - mostly a prototype implementation
      • Trying to merge what’s already in Zarr.jl
  • MD: Pangeo meeting - They were wondering when it’ll get finalised
    • MD: Done all the things that was asked - now what?
    • SV: Will put it up for technical review and voting process
    • NR: Sending a PR to Zarrita can help in the acceptance
  • DB: ZEP0006 - brief overview
    • JSON serialisable reprenstation of a Zarr hierarchy
    • Providing a foundation for declarative API rather than procedural
  • SV: Updates from the NumFOCUS Summit 2023