16th June, 2021

Attendees: Ward, Josh, John K., Hailey, Jackson Brown, Ryan Williams, Matt McCormick, Gregory Lee, Dennis

  • Ward: CISL at NCAR, information lab

    • Noon local time (in 1 hour)

    • https://operations.ucar.edu/live2-CISL (interactive)

    • “What’s all the fuss about Zarr?” Joe Hamman

    • Possibly slides on NCZarr

    • → Tweet.

  • dimension_separator (v2 issue)

    • “just move to V3?!”

    • doesn’t work for nczarr

    • John: another key that’s .zspec

    • Not currently testing non-parameters in zarr_implementations

  • V3

    • Josh: reached out to Matthias whether or not he has any capacity

    • Greg: have some capacity and have talked to Ralf about it.

    • Matt: status?

    • Josh: next step is dev branch or pre-release

    • Validator? Greg: comparator class? Josh:


  • aicsimageio ZarrReader? next month likely

  • Dennis: working on filters

    • building translation between HDF5/Zarr filters. Seeing if it has

      everything that’s needed.

    • Josh: could generate artifacts from the numcodecs repo for the

      various languages