Zarr Implementation Council 🚀

The ZSC have invited Zarr Implementations to participate in the management of the Zarr specification through the Zarr Implementation Council (ZIC). Implementations are selected based on the maturity of implementation as well as the activity of the developer community. Preference will be given to open-source and open-process implementations. Multiple implementations in a single programming language may be invited, or such implementations could work together as a single community.

The current list of implementations which are participating in this process are (in alphabetical order):

The core developers of each implementation have selected a representative of the ZIC. It is up to each implementation to determine its process for selecting its representatives.

This member will represent that implementation in decisions regarding the Zarr Specification and other Zarr-wide contexts which require input from implementations.

An additional representative should also be selected to act as an alternate when the primary representative is unavailable.

Continued ZIC membership depends on timely feedback and votes on relevant issues. The ZSC also reserves the right to remove implementations from the council.