Attending: Jonathan Striebel (JS), Ward Fisher (WF), Josh Moore (JM), Sanket Verma (SV), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS)


SV announced that we would have weekly ZEP meetings instead of a bi-weekly routine to finalise the open issues for V3 (ZEP0001). Then we discussed the timeline to finish the ZEP1 and the possible timeframe required for the ZIC to vote on the same. After this, we touched on #177 and #56.


  • Weekly ZEP meetings until March, 2023

Meeting Minutes:

  • JS: Timeline
    • https://github.com/orgs/zarr-developers/projects/2 (in discussion and TODO)
    • Not voting by end of January
    • More realistic? End of February
    • Josh: agreed with handover e.g. end of February. (can be more activate in March)
    • JS: How long for the review?
      • SV: 1 month?
      • nodding…
  • Prefix
    • Underscores and escaping. (needs to happen in group)
  • unicode
    • allowed: +1
    • recommended set of characters (lower case, digits, hyphens)
    • normalization?
      • filesystem does normalization on matching
      • online there’s no normalization
    • default: we do nothing