Attending: Sanket Verma (SV), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Norman Rzepka (NR), Ward Fisher (WF)


NR started wondering whether Hailiang’s ZEP0005 is in the ZEP scope. Everyone has different thoughts, and SV thought it might be part of Ryan Abernathey’s ZEP. Next, SV presented the draft email that the JMS and JS are supposed to send out soon. And lastly, JMS had some thoughts about bloc being a special codec due to its shuffling nature.


Meeting Minutes:

  • NR: Does Hailiang’s ZEP in the Zarr scope?
    • JMS: Not possible to evaluate the proposal right now - agree with the scope - maybe it’s not for us to judge it - it could be a metadata convention - doesn’t need to be implemented with Zarr-Python itself
    • NR: Whether it needs to be standardised or not? - Could understand some part of the proposal - may not an extension - because it’s on top of the Zarr (the accumulation attribute)
    • SV: Maybe part of the Ryan’s ZEP?
    • NR: Trying to find a specific use case and I couldn’t find it - something similar to OME naming conventions
    • JMS: Prefixing OME w.r.t. to OME keys
  • SV: ZIC Email
    • JMS: We can remove Zarr-Python implementation’s reference from the email
    • NR: You can add Zarrita!
    • SV: Is it in a better state of syncronisation as compared to zarr-python V3 implementation?
    • NR: Yes!
    • JMS: Sure, we can do it!
    • JMS: Reorder metadata to the top and then send the email
    • NR: Sharding as a codec PR: https://github.com/zarr-developers/zarr-specs/pull/223/ - if it can be merged before the email then it’ll be great!
    • NR: Want to bundle ZEP0002 with ZEP0001 -
    • SV: Not a good idea!
    • NR: Alright!
    • NR: Rendering of the read the docs - SV: check this out: https://zarr-specs--223.org.readthedocs.build/en/223/
  • JMS: Blosc is a special codec! - bytes to bytes codec - the shuffle parameters has some logic - the shuffling is happening in the Zarr V3 - which is weird - adds a weird abstraction - potentially useful for users to specify shuffling manually
    • JMS: Proposed value for the shuffling for the blosc codec: {null, “bit”, 1, 2, 3, 4…}
      • Will create an issue or send a PR to the numcodecs repository
  • SV: Once the re-ordering (moving metadata section to the top) of V3 is done, we can send out the email
    • NR: I’ve added Zarrita as the reference implementation for V3 in the email!