Attending: Sanket Verma (SV), Josh Moore (JM), Ryan Abernathey (RA), Jonathan Striebel (JS), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS)


This is the first Special ZEP Meeting, as announced during the last call. We extensively discussed various open issues for V3 on the GitHub project board. In between various V3 discussions, SV popped the question of whether there is an R implementation of Zarr. Also, RA tested the newly developed Sharding feature, which can be seen here.

Meeting minutes:

  • SV: Is there R implementation of Zarr?
    • JM: Only Rarr (with active development)
    • RA: Rust Implementation is a good place to put our efforts; would be good binary implementation that would be useful for the communities for other languages
  • RA: Took sharding for the test-drive
    • RA: Storage transformers doesn’t have get_items and set_items
      • Is a good thing
    • JS: Does have a partial values and it could cover keys
      • Martin thinks API is not clean now