Attending: Sanket Verma (SV), Alan Watson (AM), Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Josh Moore (JM), Norman Rzepka (NR)


The meeting highlighted SV’s recent talk on Zarr at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, providing access to the slides and code. Discussions covered the existence of command-line tools for Zarr, including the discovery of zarr-tools. AW shared Zarr adoption in a game project and encouraged its use in brain conferences. Additionally, there were updates on Allen’s utilization of Zarr, a forthcoming V3 blog post by SV, and ongoing discussions about addressing the fallback data types issue and the review timeline for ZEP0002.


Meeting Minutes:

  • Are there any command line tools for Zarr?
    • Found this: https://github.com/BaroudLab/zarr-tools
    • JM: Was working on something on this but didn’t use it much
    • NR: There are bunch of tools which you can use OME-Zarr, having something like H5LS would be cool
    • JMS: Operations for small things makes sense - rechunking, copying
    • JM: Nextflow - workflow engine
  • AM: BIL is working on games
  • AM: Interest and benefit in attending brain conferences - someone from the Zarr community
  • AM: Allen is using Zarr for their work
  • SV: Blog post on V3 coming out soon!
  • JMS: Fallback data types issue needs to be addressed
    • JMS: Not clear how it’ll be specified
    • JMS: How do you handle it in Zarrita?
    • NR: Currently, we do not!
    • SV: How serious it is? Implementation or spec issue?
    • JMS: Kind of ignoring for it now! We’re in implementation phase now!
    • JM: If everybody is ignoring it, then it’s fine
    • NR: Would not be straight forward to add it later!
    • JMS: If implementation doesn’t support, it’ll fail
    • SV: Have you started on the implementation?
    • JMS: Tensorstore has V3 minus sharding; planning to work on it this week
  • NR: Rust implementation of V3 - https://github.com/clbarnes/zarr3-rs
  • NR: Benchmarking in Zarrita
  • NR: ZEP0002 review timeline
    • SV: V3 blog post, feedback for ZEP process, and then we can add ZEP0002 in the pipeline
    • NR: Ok!
    • SV: Maybe we need to invite Chris and others from the ZIC to the ZEP meeting
    • JM: There used to be a Zarr-Rust meeting