Attending: Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (JMS), Sanket Verma (SV), Josh Moore (JM)


The meeting focused on ZEP0004 preliminary work for review and highlighted open pull requests addressing various aspects of the Zarr specifications. Discussions revolved around the proposal for a lightweight ZEP process specifically designed for adding codecs and data types, with considerations for fast-tracking certain additions, especially those crucial for specific domains. Additionally, updates on the Tensorstore implementation were provided, indicating the nearing completion of V3 and sharding implementations with ongoing bug fixes.


Meeting minutes:

  • JMS: Lightweight ZEP process for adding codecs and datatypes
    • JM: How do you think it should look like?
    • JMS: Opening a PR and get the votes from ZIC and ZSC could be it
    • SV: Minimilastic ZEP for adding codec and data types
    • JM: The voting process keep going-on for codecs and data types without hinderance from the bigger ZEPs
    • JMS: Can work on a lightweight ZEP template for codec and dtype
    • JM: Certain datatypes addition may be possible blocks for some domains - having a fast-track ZEPs would help that
    • JMS: Would like to work on dtypes for ML use-cases
  • SV: Tensorstore implementation
    • JMS: V3 and Sharding implementation almost complete - working on some bugs - will be finalising soon!