Attending: Davis Bennett (DB) and Sanket Verma (SV)



Meeting Minutes:

  • SV: Would like invite Norman for one of the showcase/lightning talks
  • DB: Having Tensorstore as backend for Zarr array writers would be good for performance
    • SV: How about Rust?
    • DB: Similar to C++ (Tensorstore)
    • DB: Slicing returns NumPy arrays - we should have lazy slicing API
  • DB: Would be good to be keep the momentum after V3
    • SV: Anything we can do to keep them engaged?
    • DB: Not as of now!
  • https://github.com/zarr-developers/zeps/pull/59 - would like to go ahead with this
    • DB: Impicit groups is a big change - maybe we need a major version bump
    • SV: If there‚Äôs a unanimous change then it could be submitted as a PR / Lean ZEP
    • DB: Sounds good!
  • Move ZEP1 and ZEP2 to Final?