Zarr Community

Zarr is a community-driven open-source data format specification developed and maintained by diverse contributors. The Zarr contributors aim to maintain an open, equal, diverse, and inclusive community. Please read the Zarr Code of Conduct for the appropriate way to interact with the community and help each other.

The Zarr community meets two times every two weeks via community and ZEP meetings. Please have a look at our community calendar for exact timings.

Feel free to explore the various communication channels mentioned below.

Community meetings

Zarr community meeting notes, joining instructions, agenda and calendar are available at:


ZEP stands for Zarr Enhancement Proposal. A ZEP is a design document providing information to the Zarr community, describing a modification or enhancement of the Zarr specifications, a new feature for its processes or environment.

More info on ZEPs is available at:

We hold bi-weekly ZEPs meetings to propose, discuss, review and finalize discussions around current ZEPs and Zarr Specification. More info available here:

Please note ZEPs meetings are different from bi-weekly community meetings. The Zarr Community meets two times every two weeks. Please have a look at our community calendar for exact timings.


Check out the Zarr blog here.

The GitHub repository for the blog is here. In addition, we’re always looking for guest blog posts. For more info, please read this.

Join the community

Most discussions and chats related to Zarr and its implementations take place on Gitter and GitHub. If you are looking to:

  • Interact with the maintainers, contributors and users of the project; join the Gitter → here
  • Want to ask questions related to zarr-python usage, create a new discussion on GitHub → here
  • Contribute and engage in discussion related to Zarr Specification; check out the zarr-specs repo or create an issue → here

Also, find us on: