Zarr Implementations

Zarr is a data storage format based on an open-source specification, making implementations across several languages possible. It is used in various domains, including geospatial, bio-imaging, genomics, data science, and HPC. 🌏🔬🧬

Implementations are listed (in alphabetical order) as follows:

C C++ Java Javascript Julia OCaml Python R Rust
NetCDF-C GDAL JZarr Zarr.js Zarr.jl Zarr-ml Zarr-Python Rarr Rust-N5
  Tensorstore N5-Zarr Zarr-js     Zarrita Pizzarr Zarr
  Xtensor-Zarr NetCDF-Java Zarrita.js         Zarrs
→ Feel free to add any missing implementations by sending a PR to the website repository. 🤝🏻

→ Get involved in various Zarr implementations by fixing bugs, resolving issues, improving documentation, or contributing to the codebase. If you've been doing any of these activities recently, we invite you to join our community meetings and share your work with us. We'd be delighted to showcase your efforts. 💪🏻