Zarr Datasets

Zarr has been adopted by a variety of research groups, universities, organisations, and open-source communities.
Below is a list of a few examples of public datasets.

Dataset Hosting Size
CMIP6 Google Cloud 1 PB
Image Data Resource (IDR) EBI 3 TB
Microsoft Planetary Computer Microsoft Azure  
MUR Sea Surface Temperature AWS Open Data Program 54 TB
NASA POWER AWS Open Data Program  
National Water Model Amazon AWS 5 TB
webKnossos scalableminds GmbH 70 TB

If you think your dataset would be a useful example to add to the list, feel free to send a PR to the website repository.

Please ensure the dataset you're adding to the list is public, free to use, documented, and illustrate the application of Zarr within a specific domain.

Please only include URLs that you expect to be stable and maintained in the foreseeable future.