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Guide To Add New Codec.

You can easily add a codec by following these simple steps.

Steps to follow.

Step.1- Make sure you have the Codec related information in the following manner.

* Blosc
- A brief about how the compression technique works(2-3 lines)
- Where the codec is primarily used(webpages, PNGs, JPEGs, OS etc.)
- Comparing compression and decompression benchmarks/speeds
- Any other info you think is useful
- Important links for the codec(GitHub, Blog post, Implementations etc.)

Step.2- Clone and make changes to these project files.

  • clone the repo.
    git clone
  • Add your codec information in Registry.csv file.

  • Make changes to file of branch gh-pages.

Step.3- Push your changes to your forked repo and Generate a Pull Request.

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