Hi, Zarr Community! 👋🏻

We’ve got an exiciting announcement for you all! 😄

Community Update: Moving to Zulip 💬

We’re excited to announce that the Zarr community has made a move from Gitter to Zulip as our primary chat platform. This transition marks a new chapter for our community and offers several advantages for our members.

Join here → https://ossci.zulipchat.com/

Why Zulip? 🤔

Zulip offers a robust and versatile platform for communication and collaboration. Its threading model allows for organized and focused discussions, making it easier for community members to follow and participate in conversations effectively. Additionally, Zulip provides powerful search capabilities, ensuring that valuable information shared in the past remains accessible to all.

Zulip’s unique message sharing feature allows conversations to be easily shared around the web via unique links. In addition, Zulip’s indexing of all content by search engines ensures that the knowledge base is easily accessible to all users.

Hosting Thanks 🙏🏻

We extend our sincere gratitude to the good humans at the Open Source Science Initiative (OSSCi) for generously hosting the Zulip server. Their commitment to supporting open science and collaborative research is commendable, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this endeavour.

Shoutout to Jonathan Starr for helping us! 🙌🏻

Building a Hub for Open Science 🧬

The OSSCi Zulip server will serve as a hub for various projects in the scientific Python ecosystem, starting with Zarr. By centralising communication within this platform, we aim to foster greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building among like-minded individuals passionate about open science and research.

Official Chat Platform ™️

With this migration, the OSSCi Zulip server becomes the official chat platform for the Zarr community. We encourage all Zarr users, contributors, and enthusiasts to join us on Zulip to stay updated on the latest developments, seek assistance, and engage with fellow community members.

Your Feedback Matters 🔁

At Zarr, we value the input and ideas of our community members. We’re committed to continuously improving our platform and user experience. Therefore, we welcome any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you may have regarding the Zulip migration or any other aspect of our community. Your input helps us better serve the needs of our users and advance our shared goals.

Please create an issue in zarr-developers/community or join one of our community meetings if you’d like to chat with us!

Join Us on Zulip! 🔗

Ready to join the conversation? Head over to the OSSCi Zulip server and dive into discussions surrounding Zarr and other exciting projects in the scientific Python ecosystem.

With our shift from Gitter to Zulip, it’s worth mentioning that the majority of discussions on Zulip have involved the core developers of Zarr. Now, we’re extending our warm invitation to the wider community to join us on Zulip. Your involvement is crucial as we foster a more inclusive and vibrant community.

We look forward to connecting with you there! ✌🏻

~Sanket Verma