The Zarr community is working on a new version of Zarr, V3, which was drafted and proposed via ZEP0001 by Alistair Miles. Due to time constraints, we, Jonathan Striebel and Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, are taking over the lead authorship of the V3 proposal.

The specification is now being finalized and needs your feedback before the Zarr Steering Council and the Zarr Implementation Council vote on it. In two weeks, (on the 19th of December), the spec will go into feature-freeze, meaning only changes (issues) that have been previously discussed will be incorporated. The documents in question are:

If you are familiar with V2, you might want to start at the comparison with V2 section of the specs.

Please feel free to:

~Jonathan Striebel, scalableminds and Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, Google